Frequently asked questions


A great deal of effort was put into assuring that each component included in CROWN/ARMOR was at a “safe and effective amount”. This refers to the quantity of a component that is sufficient to yield a desired therapeutic response without undue adverse side effects (such as toxicity, irritation, or allergic responses), commensurate with a reasonable risk/benefit ratio when used in the manner described herein. In pre-clinical testing in laboratory animals and cell culture models, there were no overtly toxic responses observed. Specifically, CROWN/ARMOR did not result in any toxic or pathological effects when it was tested in a mammalian model (ferrets) or in an avian model (chickens), at doses that resulted in significant decreases in virus transmission and infection. These studies examined nasal as well as environmental administration of CROWN/ARMOR. Also, cell culture experiments showed no overt toxicity at relevant doses of the product or its components. In addition, the ingredients that comprise CROWN/ARMOR are all-natural and are GRAS certified (Generally Recognized As Safe).

How much CROWN/ARMOR should I spray onto my face mask?

The mask should be sprayed liberally onto the entirety of the mask so that it appears wet throughout. Let the mask completely dry before use, as this will improve the overall viricidal activity.

Can I spray CROWN/ARMOR on other face coverings and see protection?

There has been testing only with face mask material, so we cannot guarantee it’s efficacy. There are several factors that must be considered such as composition, pore size, thickness, etc. However, because of the potent viricidal and anti-viral activity of CROWN/ARMOR, application of this product would improve the physical barrier that a face covering may provide.